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I am barely making it in time to post these for “Small Success Thursday,” hosted by Catholicmom.com. However, I didn’t have the time today to figure out how to link up CM for this, but I think the idea’s great–and expresses one of the essentials of our human experience–so I’m going to share anyway.

#1) I rinsed my quinoa.

For those of you unfamiliar with this healthy grain, it probably sounds like I just shared something a little too personal.

After complaining of bitter-tasting quinoa, a friend of mine recommended that I actually try rinsing it, like the directions say.So holding cheese-cloth over a small bowl, I rinsed my quinoa, one third of a cup at time, prior to cooking it. And guess what?


It still tasted bitter.

But the point is that I rinsed it!

PS–Cooking quinoa always makes me think of this song and the line that says, “It’s so good to see you, Quinoa, you’re the protein source I chose. Still it looks as if I’ve seen ya coming out of someone’s nose!”

#2) I figured out what “Fresh Spin” is on my washing machine.

My parents got us a new rocket ship washer and dryer for all of the gift-giving holidays of this year, and I’m still learning what all the buttons do. Granted, I’ve never been awesome at laundry. For six weeks in my sophomore year of college, I washed my clothes only in fabric softener, thinking it was the same thing as detergent. And I was a dance major who spent all day in sweaty, clingy leotards and tights, so….yeah.

This is pretty much what all those buttons look like to me:


And only six weeks later would I realize that it’s not actually a washing machine but a wireless control panel for a fancy Japanese toilet.

Anyway, I noticed our washing machine staying on and the door staying locked even after the final rinse, and couldn’t figure out what was going on. After a few days of this, I finally caught the machine in action: after a long interval of inactivity, it nonchalantly tumbled the clothes around for a few seconds while a light flashed next to the “Fresh spin” button.

I either accidentally pushed this button several days ago, or this washing machine is so advanced that it noticed my propensity to leave clothes in the washing machine for too long and to then have to rewash them about four times before they ever make it to the dryer.

#3) I figured out what my daughter’s been eating.

Pookie Bear had a couple of diapers containing poop and red threads. Not blood. I did a close examination. They were red threads. There was even a little lint ball. That led to a few days of closely examining everything she touched to try to figure out where these mysterious poo anomalies were coming from.

Then I went over to my mom’s house. One of Pookie Bear’s favorite toys there is an old-but-lovable, naked Raggedy Andy Doll with–yes–red, yarn hair. So I immediately put two and two together when I saw her grab him and start nibbling on his head.

“So THAT’S what she’s been pooping!” I said, which then made me have to explain the issue to my mom, who was super embarrassed.

Whatever, Mom, no harm done, and at least it wasn’t the lawn mushrooms, right? Because what kind of mom doesn’t see her kid eating the mushrooms off the lawn? Right, Mom?

HA! With my luck, I’ll be bringing Pookie Bear to the hospital for the same thing in four years, while my mom laughs.


#4) Pookie Bear has not eaten any mushrooms off of the lawn. Yet.