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This weekend marks the final and pivotal acts in the redemption of humanity.

Having grown up in the Roman rite of the Catholic Church, one of my favorite reflections on the mystery of Pascha comes from the Exsultet: “Oh happy fault, that earned so great, so glorious a Redeemer!”

Without that original sin of Adam, that sin that separated us from God and thus from Life, and consequently brought suffering and death to the world, there would be no need for Christ to take on human flesh. There would be no need for Christ to become man “that we might become God” (St. Athanasius).

How desperately we need Christ.

Sometimes Lent become a focus on my deeds, on what I can do for God, and I forget that even those good deeds I do out of love of the Lord are only possible because the energies* of God himself are at work within me.

I need Christ. We need Christ. We need his death, and we need his resurrection.

We have been fasting (some moments more successful than others) this Lent to the point of feeling a physical need. Let us also remember our spiritual hunger and Who it is who comes to fill us.

This season comes every year for me, and every year I am in awe. I try to contemplate the mysteries and they continue to elude me. But I do know for certain–this year more than others especially–that I need Christ, and I need his glorious death and resurrection.

“Christ is risen from the dead! By death, he trampled Death, and to those in the tombs, he granted life.”

Russian icon of the Resurrection. Christ is pulling Adam and Eve out of the grave.

Russian icon of the Resurrection. Christ is pulling Adam and Eve out of the grave.

*”Energies” is a term in Eastern spirituality to describe a concept that is comparable to, though not completely the same as, “grace” in Western theology.