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This is an incredible reflection (written, incidentally, by a friend of my husband’s. But I didn’t realize that when I first read it and loved it, haha!) There’s probably room for much more discussion on this topic, but I think he really has a point that needs to be heard.

Here’s the entire post.

And here’s a preview snipet:

“You see, all the time I hear Catholic speakers at talks, conferences, and parishes talk about how men and women should behave within their sex. I hear that men always desire to be leaders and competitive. Women are always more nurturing and better suited for child rearing. I hear that men should like to hunt, and women should like to cook. Men should like sports and drinking beer, while women should like ballet and romantic comedies. The list goes on and on, ad naseum.

“While there are masculine traits and feminine traits, these specific traits don’t make a man a man and a women a women. These rigid definitions that are espoused by a great number of Catholics are straight up hurtful, oppressive and yes, sometimes lead others in choosing to be homosexual . I’ll explain.”