A friend of mine was telling me about helping out with a religious education class. One of the students asked the priest, “When will we become angels?”, and the priest answered, “You won’t. We will never be angels; we will always be human, even in Heaven.” She shared this story with me because she thought the final message was so beautiful, and I would agree.

There is an odd trend in the world of Christianity to reject this humanity that Christ took on or at least to misunderstand it. Satire is condemned, the arts are ignored, and real feelings are pushed aside in favor of safer sentimentality. It often appears that we would prefer to be angels, or at least our conception of what an angel should be.

On the other hand, post-modern culture tells us that we are actually animals who must act on every feeling and instinct.

Neither of these is orthodoxy as far as I can tell. Perhaps more selfishly, neither of these attitudes speaks to my lived experience, and I don’t think I’m the only person out there who feels that way.

It is my project with this blog, for one year, to explore and celebrate what it means to be human–especially the messy, complicated, humorous, and mysterious aspects of our humanity–and through the filter of my own life experience. There will be pieces about family life, there will be pieces about the arts, there will be pieces about sin and virtue, and, most assuredly, there will be pieces about bodily functions.

Don’t expect a continuous writing style throughout–part of my human experience is feeling formal and proper one week and casual and cuss-worded the next, so that’s what you get.

My goals for this blog are three-fold: to celebrate humanity, to entertain, and to prompt discussion. Please feel free to leave (name-calling-free) comments.

“For it was to Him no lowering to put on what He Himself had made. Let that handiwork be forever glorified, which became the cloak of its own Creator.” ~St. John Chrysostom, Homily on the Feast of the Nativity (Christmas)


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